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The scientist looked down at his latest creation. It was a breakthrough in technology. He explained to the gathered assistants.

‘This is the latest of my robots. It is totally autonomous and is able to learn new techniques. It carries the sensors that our other robots have. Sight to see its environment, touch to feel all of the components in its environment, hearing to understand communication, smell to help it recognise the environment by the chemical components, the same as taste. It will, of course, need power like the others, which it can gain it from the power sources that lie upon the earth. But what makes it so good is its computer which can think for itself and is programmed to learn more for itself.’

One of the assistants looked closely at the robot.

What is He thinking? The assistant thought to himself. A robot like this will conquer the world as it seeks more knowledge.

Then he went back to his notes, writing down how all the organic components interacted with each other.

‘This new series of robots will replicate like the rest.’ God said to the company of angels as he looked down at Adam.